“Branagh’s Wallander is fine, sophisticated television brought to new heights by one thing: cinematography. It’s not even a stretch to use the word cinema in relation to this small-screen experience. It has on many occasions the looks and feel of a David Lynch or Coen brothers or any of those other modern laureates of rotten modern landscapes.This is mesmerizingly effective. The characters are leached of colour. The vast sky is milky white. We see Wallander’s world: faded from joy, with no lights and darks, only nuance. It is exposed. It is beautiful.” – Helen Rumbelow, The Times

“Of course, in the furrows and stubble of Branagh’s pudgily perplexed face, all of this misery was an absolute delight. Sometimes you sense Wallander knows that its lead actor is such eminent BAFTA-bait that it can push the viewers to new extremes, safe in the knowledge that a languorous shot of Branagh’s mind on a hot wash will win us round again.. Wallander is decidedly eerie and, which is more, it feels different. Cry foul if you will ar a detective face-off with Wallander in the red, or more likely elegant shade of ochre, corner and Poirot in the blue, but both happen to be big hitting detective shows for their respective channels, screened on the same night. Wallander won with a wallop.” – Benji Wilson, Telegraph

“Faceless Killers, the first of three new Branagh Wallanders, was several cuts above your standard TV cop fare. Branagh is excellent as a man carrying the weight of the world on shoulders.” – Keith Watson, Metro

“It’s a bleak and brilliant performance at the heart of a beautifully made film. Back for a new series, Wallander is a class act.” – *David Chater, The Times *
“Wallander is the more intriguing prospect, with Kenneth Branagh on blistering form as the fanatical sleuth. What puts the series into an altogether higher bracket is its interest in the psychological impact of crime fighting, as well as drip-fed evidence and rounded characters. If its intellectual nourishment you want with your potboiler, then head for BBC1.” – Time Out

“Kenneth Branagh returns still dishevelled, unshaven and little grubby, in another polished adaptation of Henning Mankell story” – Radio Times

“Troubled detective Wallander is the latest Swedish export to have taken the UK by storm.” – TV & Satellite Week

“Contemporary detective drama at its best!” – TV Easy