The first episode of Father & Son was watched by 5.3m / 22% share at 21:00.

Episode One showed the impact of gang violence in a truly powerful, brilliant way, says The Guardian’s Sarah Dempster: “Beautifully written by the late Frank Deasy, Father & Son (ITV1) laid out its stall with both bluntness and compassion… this is unapologetically adult drama, exploring the cross-generational impact of gang violence without resorting to mawkishness or queasy tabloid moralising. That Father & Son managed to retain its power to shock despite all this is a testament to the strength of Deasy’s writing, and to a consistently superb cast.”

“With the issues surrounding gun crime so raw, it was hard not to flinch at the opening of Father & Son (ITV1). Deasy is trying to get to grips with the underlying motives behind that violence by taking it back to its roots. With gifted young actor Reece Noi a luminous presence as young Sean, the unravelling will be well worth following.” Keith Watson – The Metro – 8th June, 2010

Dougray will also be a guest on 8th June’s Richard Bacon show, Radio 5 Live, between 3 – 3.30pm.