As Strike Back: Project Dawn comes to a close in the US, having received high ratings and outstanding reviews across the board, Philip Winchester & Amanda Mealing reflect on the show’s explosive debut season in the States:

Interview with Philip Winchester & Amanda Mealing & End of Season Review

Philip Winchester & Amanda Mealing tease the next season

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“Many were skeptical when Cinemax ventured into the primetime television game, but its unique venture, the 10-part action drama series “Strike Back,” combines what the network does best — sex — with violence. In other words, it’s every man’s new favorite show.” Read Full Article

“As it (Strike Back)brings its first season to a close, I’m hopeful that the time is right for the word to go out, and that this review (which, I will warn newcomers, will contain extensive spoilers from this point forward) will help draw attention to a really fine piece of pure entertainment that’s aiming for something more than its base appeal.” Read Full Article

“To the surprise of some observers, “Strike Back” has gone on to become one of the best action series on television and a show that is more than just a guilty pleasure on Friday nights.” Read Full Article