Loving Miss Hatto, a single drama by Victoria Wood, received good ratings and strong reviews following its BBC1 airing at Christmas:

“Loved Loving Miss Hatto… This drama is better [than the Channel 4 documentary]. Because Victoria Wood, who wrote it, clearly sees it not just as a fraud. A devoted man gives his dying wife the success he feels she always deserved but never had… that’s also a grand act of love.” Sam Wollaston, The Guardian. Read Full Review

“The script had sly flashes of Wood’s wit….Rory Kinnear and Maimie McCoy were sweetly excellent as the young lovers….Molina was magnificent, doing most of his acting with his eyes, which went from twinkly to calculating to softly sad within a single scene….He poured two drinks, stopped, then slowly decanted one back into the bottle. Never can orange squash have been used so poignantly. It was a quietly compelling, moving drama. Bravo, ducky.” Michael Hogan, The Daily Telegraph Read Full Review

“Victoria Wood’s drama Loving Miss Hatto cast a new and gently moving light on a bizarre story….this marvellous drama touched on the connection between “genius” and its requirements for “fame”….What raised this drama to its fine heights was the writing, full of insights, ironies and humour….Overall, this was as much a portrait of Barrington-Coupe’s love for his wife as it was of her thwarted talent and it was reassuring to see that the BBC is capable of producing one-off dramas of this calibre in our present culture of interminably average drama series.” Arifa Akbar, The Independent Read Full Review

‘Loving Miss Hatto, BBC One.   “Wood’s deft writing was splendidly served by the cast. Rory Kinnear played the young Barrie with a perfect balance of cheeky charm, ambition and dodginess, while Maimie McCoy’s fledgling Hatto was almost heartbreakingly naive, sincere and trusting….Whatever the reality, it made a strangely touching slice of drama.” Adam Sweeting, The Arts Desk Read Full Review