Dark River

Dark River

On learning the news of her father’s death, itinerant contract sheep shearer Alice Bell (Ruth Wilson) returns to the family farm, a once beautiful small holding on the Yorkshire moors, to claim the tenancy she believes is rightfully hers.

Estranged from the family for fifteen years, Alice’s homecoming is not an easy one. Her brother, Joe (Mark Stanley) has remained at home caring for their ill father, Richard (Sean Bean) and kept the declining farm going in her absence. Joe is thrown by Alice’s sudden arrival and is hurt and angered by her claim on the tenancy.

In an unconscious attempt to turn the clock back Alice is determined to make both the farm and sibling relationship work. However, she suffers intrusive memories because of her father’s sexual exploitation of her when she was a teenager. Joe finds Alice’s presence impossible to deal with as it stirs up the past for him too.

Following Richard’s death the landlords want to capitalise on the property and perceive Alice to be a threat. They offer Joe a way out of what he sees as an impossible situation by offering him a backhander - on the condition that he evicts his sister.

Battling to regain control in a fraught and fragile situation, Alice must confront deep- seated and painful family secrets and betrayals to find a way to repair the damage to the farm and her bond with her brother before both are irrevocably lost.

Starring Ruth Wilson, Sean Bean and Mark Stanley




Dark River


Written and directed by Clio Barnard

Based on the novel by Rose Tremain

Produced by Tracy O’Riordan

Executive Producers: Andy Harries, Suzanne Mackie, Meroe Candy, Lizzie Francke, Rose Garnett, Hugo Heppell, Lila Rawlings, Polly Stokes


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