LBP Partnerships


One of Left Bank’s key partnerships is with the London-based sixth form academy, The London Screen Academy (LSA). Left Bank has supported the LSA since it was founded by some of the UK’s most successful film producers in 2019. The mission of LSA is to diversify the screen industries, by enabling access to all, regardless of background and to develop the most well-rounded, highly skilled workforce possible, reflecting the cultural and socioeconomic diversity of the world we live in.


Our COO, Grace Wilson explains how “The LSA is one of the first scheme’s to truly address the unrepresented by encompassing diversity to include ethnicity, gender and those from all income backgrounds, giving an equal opportunity and setting the stage to allow their story telling which can only enrich the industry for many more years to come.”


The curriculum at LSA focuses on behind the camera skills in three pathways, Technical, Craft & Post Production, enabling students to develop the creative, technical and academic skills needed to begin their careers in the Film & Television industry. Left Bank joined the LSA’s internship scheme in which we accept two students every three months. The students spend time learning about the industry both in house and on our productions.


The LSA has said “Left Bank Pictures has championed and supported the London Screen Academy from the very beginning and has been a key partner in the development of our flagship Traineeship Programme. By offering our alumni long term paid work with their teams, they are actively making the change in the industry LSA was set up to achieve. We are proud to be supporting and working with the LSA, providing a pipeline of new talent for the industry and our business”


Our first two interns Tess and Joe enjoyed their time at Left Bank gaining valuable industry experience, they spent time with each department in-house as well as going onto The Fuck it Bucket set. Tess has gone on to become our office runner, whilst Joe is making short films but keeping in touch.


Tess describes the experience in her own words, “I was ecstatic when Left Bank offered me the opportunity to join them. I was welcomed by a friendly and talented team and was pleased to be handed an exciting and manageable set of responsibilities. With aspirations to work in production but unsure exactly what role I want to do, my time with Left Bank has provided me with invaluable insights into the various roles involved in the film and TV production. Since completing my internship, I've subsequently joined the company on a full-time basis as a runner. I continue to develop and believe that my internship has provided me with the ideal start to my journey.”


We are looking forward to welcoming and teaching the new interns all about the industry!