DCI Banks

DCI Banks

Series 3

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Stephen Tompkinson, Andrea Lowe and Caroline Catz return in the award-winning detective series based on three novels by Peter Robinson. In three new adaptations (Wednesday's ChildPiece of My HeartBad Boy), the series marks the return of DS Annie Cabbot from maternity leave. With both Annie and DI Helen Morton now on his team, will Banks successfully be able to juggle the opposing views of both these strong willed women?

Starring: Stephen Tompkinson, Andrea Lowe, Caroline Catz, Lorraine Burroughs and Jack Deam



DCI Banks

Series 3


Written by: Robert Murphy, Catherine Tregenna
Producer: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Directed by: Bill Eagles, Ed Bazelgette, Stephen Woolfenden
Executive Producers: Robert Murphy, Gabriel Silver, Andy Harries


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